Why fulltimejobs.com?

- Because we make it simple to find a job for you!!

  • Apply for posted jobs on the site, without creating a login id; we will create a login id for you automatically, how? Search a job of your liking, and click on the APPLY button, fill in the required information and you’re done! We will email you your login id along with temporary password.

  • Surf for Jobs – At times, you don’t know what job description you’re looking for, therefore we’ve implemented this search tab so you can eye ball a job by location, key terms or by company name.

  • Apply Without Registration – Once you find a job; open the job description and click on the “Apply Without Registration” button, we will walk you through the whole process of applying for the job.

  • My Profile – – We made it easy for you to update your profile right from the home page, just click on the tab, put your user-id, password and you’re in your profile page.

  • Jobs By Email – You don’t have to keep coming back to the site to job search. We will email you the job posting on our site, based on criteria’s that you have provided to us in your “Jobs by Email” profile. Just click on the tab, login and it will take you to your “Jobs by Email” profile. Once logged-in click on the job by email profile put all the parameters for your job search and you’re done. We’ll send you email alerts when a job has been posted on the site which matches your search criteria.

  • Jobs By Company and Industry – – you can click on the “Jobs by Company” tab and type in the name of a company, and you will be shown all the jobs posted by that company on our site. Same go for industry, just select and industry and we will list the entire jobs posted in a particular industry.

  • Audio, Video Resume – A new feature, if you want to include an audio and or video resume in your profile, you can upload those files onto your profile, BUT if you don’t have any audio or video clips to upload, we can make one for you on our site.

    please make sure you are presentable! Just kidding!!

    Also make sure your desktop or laptop is equipped with a webcam and microphone which you have used recently and are familiar with. Once you have confirmed that your webcam and microphone works. Just click on the audio or video resume icon on the home page. We will prompt you to login, and once logged-in successfully, we will take you to your profile where you can record yourself by clicking on the Audio/video link.
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